Athletically Toning Your Body

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Athletically Toning Your Body

So you’re working out, eating right, and all of your hard effort is beginning to show on your increasingly toned physique. However, you find yourself trying to tone your body to give off a more ripped appearance with mixed results. Depending on your body type, this process can be easier said than done, but thankfully there are plenty of exercises you can do to boost your definition.

Do a mix of high-intensity cardio and weight training. Develop your workout schedule to allow yourself at least three days to do some intensive cardio. These exercises will be short but will reach nearly one hundred percent of your maximum heart rate. It’s tough, but you’ll significantly ramp up the amount of calories you burn, a huge plus if you’re trying to burn fat.

Reduce the load, but increase the reps. A lighter weight with a greater amount of reps when you’re weight training will help with burning more fat and building some of that lean muscle. If you don’t think you’re getting enough of a challenge, add some resistance bands or consider reducing the amount of time you rest between sets.

Fine tune your nutrition. Make sure your diet plan includes high protein, good fat, wholesome carbs, and very little sugar or artificial ingredients. Drink plenty of water to keep energized as it won’t make you bloated.

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