Blood-Flow Restriction May Yield Faster Results

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Blood-Flow Restriction May Yield Faster Results

To achieve success in life, shortcuts are not an option, and the same rule applies for getting fit. Even so, people are always looking for inventive ways to get a bigger bang out of their workout and boost the speed of seeing hard earned results. One of the latest ways fitness enthusiasts are doing that is by tying their arms.

You may have noticed men using straps or bands to tie their arms, and you may be wondering why that is. It may seem ridiculous, but there is genuine science behind it. It is a technique referred to as blood-flow restriction that’s intended to assist with endurance improvement, muscle building, and injury recovery. It is also effective when using to lift light weights.

Blood-flow restriction works by tightly wrapping up the upper arm so that blood flow is restricted from reaching the biceps. Bicep curl exercises are then performed, albeit at a significantly lower weight than what the person is accustomed to. With the trapping of the blood, lactic acid becomes trapped, resulting in potentially stronger growth hormone release which could speed up the rate of seeing muscle gains.

While it may sound appealing, blood-flow restriction is a technique that also comes with a lot of pain and it is imperative that is performed correctly so that the muscle doesn’t go numb. It is also not a good idea for those that suffer from hypertension. In fact, it may be best suited for those that are looking to recover from an injury.

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