Building Muscle as a Skinny Guy

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Building Muscle as a Skinny Guy

Guys that are prone to being skinny often have a tougher time building muscle. While it requires more work, it’s not impossible to bulk up, provided some simple tips and steps are taken into account.


You can begin by working out your entire body every other day. Research shows that an intense full body workout will boost protein synthesis for as long as 48 hours once you’ve done the heavy lifting. You’ll experience muscle growth as you rest, so it may be a good idea to take a day off in between.


In addition to consuming more protein, you’ll also require a greater number of calories. If you’re aiming to gain a pound of muscle a week, you’ll have to figure out how many calories to consume. Also keep in mind that protein is essential for many bodily functions, so you may need to double up on what you already consume. You should be consuming something every three hours.


If you’re just beginning your workout, all exercises will be intense and will boost the aforementioned protein synthesis. If you’re an experienced lifter, you’ll likely need to shift your attention to the larger muscle groups to see significant gains. Legs, back, chest, these will require additional squats, bench presses, and other exercises.


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