Building Muscle with Lighter Loads

There are several essential ingredients that are necessary to build muscle, beginning with the raw materials required by the body that are typically found in a diet that’s heavy on protein. You should also be sleeping at least six hours a night and you should be following a weightlifting program.

Realistically speaking however, not all of us can make it to bed on time and it requires a significant amount of discipline to follow a diet and visit the gym every day. If the thought of lifting huge weights or doing the work intimidates you, some new research should set you at ease.

Per the Journal of Applied Physiology, you can achieve just about as much progress lifting smaller weights as you can lifting heavier ones. Essentially, you can build muscle, become stronger, and see the tangible results by accomplishing more with less. It can be as easy as doing a higher amount of reps to compensate for the difference.

If you can get a solid workout at the gym with less of a load, it does allow you a greater degree of freedom. You may for example be able to work out without having to find a spotter, or if most of the equipment is being used, you can opt for dumbbells versus barbells.

If you’re serious about muscle growth and achieving your goals, it’s not necessarily about adding in tons of weight. Do some additional reps or work specific muscles until they begin to shake and falter during a set. This muscle fatigue is the ultimate goal as heavier weight loads will only fatigue muscles quicker than lighter ones.