Find Yourself a Workout Partner

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Find Yourself a Workout Partner

Have you ever stopped to wonder why a gym or workout buddy is a good idea? There are many ways a partner can help you, beginning with motivation. It’s common to fall into the trap of not working out after work, but having a partner makes it harder to cancel since you’ve got someone who’s counting on you. With a partner there are greater odds of maintaining consistency, and you’ll eventually reach a point where cancellation simply won’t be an option.

The bench press and treadmill certainly have their numerous benefits, but they’re not always the most exciting way to stay active. Bring along a partner and you can get your heart pumping with a competitive game of basketball or racquetball, for example. A partner also presents a good opportunity to keep things fresh by mutually coming up with new workout ideas.

Speaking of competition, working out with someone else, there is a greater sense of motivation to try and “one up” the other person, pushing yourself harder than if you were to go at it alone. Do keep in mind that the partner you choose should be someone whose athleticism and abilities are close to yours so that you both reap the greatest amount of benefits. A seasoned pro probably won’t get much out of working with someone who’s just getting started.

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