Getting Started with Building Muscle

Getting Started with Building Muscle

So you’ve decided it’s time to get your body in gear and build some muscle, congratulations! It can be intimidating trying to figure out where to start, but building muscle is a surprisingly simple task, albeit not necessarily easy. Time, dedication, and consistency will eventually yield great results provided you’re doing the right exercises.

The most fundamental way to build muscle is to use exercises that involve numerous muscles working together at the same time, and deadlifts remain at the very top of the list. What most people tend to get wrong about this one is getting started with weight that’s far too heavy. Begin with something light like a dumbbell and then work your way up.

If legs are more your focus, look no further than squats. A full range of motion squat will force each and every muscle in your legs to do some work, using your upper back and core to function as stabilizers. As with deadlifts, start light and also make sure that you’re squatting low enough to maximize your muscle gain.

Bench press may be the go-to upper body exercise, but the overhead press may yield superior benefits. Besides building strength that’s actually functional, overhead press is fantastic in building shoulder, arm, abs, and upper back muscle. Figure out which standing position is most comfortable for you or do it seated if you need to.

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