Great Muscle Building Foods

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Great Muscle Building Foods

When you’re building muscle, it’s not unusual to fall into a routine of consuming the same foods, repairing the same exercises, and lifting the same weights. And yet, muscle building involves keeping things fresh in regards to your diet and exercise.


If your workout routine has been perfected to a science yet you’re not seeing the results, what you’re eating—or not eating for that matter—could be a culprit. Make sure you have some of the following foods in your kitchen to help boost your muscle building.


Quinoa. You may want to choose this over rice or mix it in with some brown rice. You’ll find about eight grams of protein per cup of quinoa and they are also packed with compounds that build muscle like magnesium, iron, and vitamin B6.


Protein shake. Drinking a protein shake prior to a workout will help tremendously with muscle growth and boosting the use of nutrients. Studies have shown that the fusion of nutrition reduces muscle breakdown while refilling energy used by the muscles. It also boosts blood flow to the muscles.


Greek yogurt. This food typically boasts about ten grams of protein 100 grams. If you get a sudden craving for a sweet treat after you’ve had your dinner, have some Greek yogurt with berries. You’ll also receive a healthy dose of probiotics that will help fight gut bacteria.


Other foods to consider include eggs, lean beef, salmon, and nuts.


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