How to Stay in Shape Post Workout

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How to Stay in Shape Post Workout

Ever wonder what you can do to help your body out when you aren’t exercising? Let’s assume that you spend about seven hours or so working out. That may seem significant, but it still leaves plenty of room where all of that hard work could be potentially undermined or where you can give your results a jolt with just a few adjustments.


What you eat and how you go about it during the period following exercise can make a major difference on whether your body burns additional calories or how your body goes about repairing and building muscle where you would like it.


To make the most of your post workout, you may want to consider something like magnesium, which your body utilizes extensively for various functions such as protein synthesis. Because magnesium is often lost as you’re sweating during a workout, consuming a food that’s rich in magnesium like almonds, avocado, fish or salmon can help to replenish the body. If you find yourself experiencing muscle cramps, it may indicate that your body needs magnesium.


Why not try a massage? A post workout massage can boost your recovery time and recent studies suggest it may help to improve muscle strength. If you don’t have the resources to have it done professionally, invest in a foam roller and look up how to use them.


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