Muscle Mass May Help with Diabetes

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Muscle Mass May Help with Diabetes

Do you need yet another reason to start hitting the weights? Here’s something to consider: building muscle mass via resistance training may reduce your risk of developing diabetes. A recent study suggests that increased muscle mass may result in improved insulin sensitivity and a lower risk of pre-diabetes. In this case, it’s not so much the total body weight as it is the amount of the weight consisting of actual muscle mass.

As people age, muscle mass decreases, and this is further exacerbated among individuals leading a sedentary lifestyle. Having additional muscle mass may help protect against pre-diabetes and insulin resistance regardless of an individual’s overall body size. For those that are currently living with diabetes, maintaining a healthy muscle mass is important as the muscles will utilize the sugar you consume to improve blood sugar control.

Because exercise functions somewhat similar to insulin in how it affects blood glucose levels, exercise may be an effective complement to the medical management of diabetes. When it’s performed properly, strength training has resulted in positive effects on managing diabetes as well as boosting an individual’s overall quality of life.

If you were on the fence about getting started with a fitness routine, you now have another great reason to quit the lollygag.

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