Protein Sources for Vegan Muscle Builders

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Protein Sources for Vegan Muscle Builders

When it comes to fitness, you know the industry is all about emphasizing protein. Whey protein shakes, lean protein, protein supplements, you name it. But what if you’re a fitness buff in training who prefers to stay away from animal meats? What’s someone who prefers a vegan diet to do? These plant-based protein sources can help.

Quinoa. Packed with plenty of essential vitamins and minerals like potassium, folate, and magnesium, quinoa is also a potent source of protein. As opposed to other sources that are free of meat, quinoa includes all of the important amino acids, turning into a “complete” protein.

Pea protein. In terms of amino acids and nutrition, pea protein packs a punch, and it’s somewhat similar to animal protein, albeit without the actual use of animal meat. The majority of supplement stores have caught on to its many benefits and now stock it

Non-Dairy Milk. Would you be willing to try hemp milk? If so, a glass of it contains about three grams of protein and over twenty percent of the body’s daily calcium needs. If hemp milk doesn’t suffice, soy milk has even more protein, with one glass boasting about eight grams.

Leafy greens. To build muscle at the optimum level, you want to make sure your diet is loaded with nutrients. To help with this, broccoli, peas, kale, and spinach are excellent choices.

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