Resistance Machines Are Your Friend

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Resistance Machines Are Your Friend

Most of us that are looking to build and maintain muscle prefer to stick to using free weights, but there are several reasons why it’s also a good idea to hit up the resistance machines. Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider them.

You’ll become a pro at the essential movements. If you’re just starting to venture into the world of weightlifting, resistance machines are a fantastic method to learn the proper weightlifting movement patterns in a manner that’s controlled and safer for beginners.

Muscle isolation. Because machines force movement on a fixed path, they are great for targeting a certain set of muscles. These machines also help with working the stabilizing muscles that allow you to maximize your muscle performance.

Injury recovery. Chances are you’re going to experience an injury of some sort regardless of how careful you are, hopefully it won’t be a major one. As you’re recovering, resistance machines will allow you to steadily regain the stability and strength you may have lost thanks to the fixed movement range.

Pushing through a plateau. There may come a time when your muscle building efforts will plateau, requiring you to shock the body into improving its strength again. Resistance machines make this process much easier versus trying to do eccentric reps with free weights.

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