Three Tips Towards Building Muscle and Losing Fat

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Three Tips Towards Building Muscle and Losing Fat

One of the most difficult things to master is navigating the razor thin line between building muscle and chopping down the fat. You need the sufficient protein so that your muscles can grow, but you also need to consume foods that aren’t packed with tons of calories. These tips may help you stay on course.

Consume a snack prior to your workout. If you have no “fuel” to burn, your body will improvise and use your fat plus your muscles to burn, which you don’t want. A snack such as a shake gives you sufficient energy, or you could opt for a protein bar if you prefer. Just make sure that the bar is sufficiently low in calories.

Choose weights. Weights are essential to building muscle. If you’re just getting started with weightlifting, don’t go for the heaviest ones. Begin small and gradually increase, there is no need to exert yourself to exhaustion or injury. Dumbbell lunges, bicep curls with free weights, there are plenty of things you can do.

Do some cardio. Biking or running are highly effective ways to burn fat versus a light jog. Make sure the intensity is enough to where you’re sweating and feeling the burn. About twenty minutes should be sufficient so that you don’t start to burn muscle.

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