Weight Free Arm Muscle Exercises

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Weight Free Arm Muscle Exercises

There are individuals that like to spend all of their free time at the gym, and then there are those that don’t have quite the same amount of time. While it’s easy to do some cardio outside of the gym or some squats and planks, working the arms may be trickier as most of the standard exercises require dumbbells or a machine. Thankfully, it’s largely a matter of just tweaking the routine a bit.

Chair dips are perfect for working the triceps. Make sure the chair you use is sturdy before you begin. Start in a seated position, grabbing the edges of the chair with your feet. Raise yourself off the seat ensuring that your arms remain straight then move your body forward slightly so that you won’t hit the chair upon lowering yourself. Your knees and ankles should be aligned. Bend your elbows to lower your body until the hips are below the edge of the seat, then push straight back into the position you started in.

You should also focus on the lower portion of your arms as much as the upper arms, even if your primary objective isn’t necessarily a chiseled upper body. Grab a towel, sling it over a sturdy bar, grasp both ends with your hands and then pull yourself up until your chin rises above your hands. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat as much as you physically can.

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