What’s Derailing Your Muscle Building?

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What’s Derailing Your Muscle Building?

You’ve been diligently going to the gym, varying up your exercises, following the proper steps and then you notice something’s amiss: your body isn’t showing gains. What gives? Someone who is just getting started with weightlifting should see about two or three pounds of muscle mass each month, but what’s going on if nothing’s happening?

You’re skimping on the calories. It’s important to remember that in order to gain muscle, you’re going to have to increase the amount of food you consume. If your metabolism happens to work rapidly, this is even more important. You may want to aim for about twenty calories per pound of bodyweight each day, and you should eat regularly throughout the day.

You’re concentrating too much on cardio. While cardio is highly effective in keeping you looking lean, overdoing it on the exercise bike may derail your efforts to gain muscle. Instead of walking miles upon miles on the treadmill, you may want to consider sprints instead.

You’re not allowing for sufficient recovery. Contrary to what you may think, going at it nonstop every single day without rest isn’t doing you any favors. It’s when you’re resting that your body starts to form those muscles, so definitely add a day to take it easy in between your workouts.

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