Whey Protein May Help Senior Citizens

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Whey Protein May Help Senior Citizens

For senior citizens looking to stay active and healthy, whey protein shakes may end up becoming a regular part of the diet. According to research conducted at McMaster University, consuming a whey-based shake resulted in a significant jolt of physical strength for men over the age of seventy. These results were noticeable shortly after the shakes were ingested, and the results improved, even more, when the men exercised.

The study was at least partially aimed at finding effective solutions to the effects of sarcopenia. Sarcopenia results in a loss of strength and muscle mass decline caused by aging, potentially making it harder for a person to go about their daily activities.

It is extremely important that seniors get some form of exercise. Besides keeping the body limber and in good shape, regular exercise helps with keeping the body running smoothly by maintaining blood pressure levels in good shape. If you’re a senior citizen who is also serious about muscle building, you may wish to consider incorporating a whey protein shake into your diet.

Are you a senior citizen who maintains a strict workout routine? If so, what kind of diet do you follow to keep your body fit and healthy? Would you consider adding whey to your diet? Feel free to share.

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